Intro to vintage jewelry….

by Shopify | September 11, 2012

I think when people hear the words “vintage jewelry” a gross misconception forms which involves some ridiculous rhinestone peacock with baby blue eyes, bright green feathers, and a fuchsia beak; In other words, a piece of jewelry that does not really translate into what is currently trending.  I am a lover of all things vintage but I particularly love old, strangely unique, gaudy, vintage jewelry pieces.  I think that shattering the misconception that vintage jewelry is tacky is a tricky one because there is a lot of vintage jewelry out there that just cannot seamlessly be worn into today's trends and organically work.  When we buy pieces, we don't buy the obvious piece of jewelry.  We buy items that are a little peculiar and maybe even a little odd at first glance, but yet are statement pieces that looks like it belongs in what is happening in fashion today.  

This particular necklace was an extraordinary find.  It was a little strange initially because it is quite large and heavy but further inspection revealed a kaleidoscope of curiosity, darkness, and subtle beauty.  My finding was a 1970’s owl pendant necklace with brass & blue beads, signed by the artist Onik Sakarian.  Onik Sakarian, an artist himself, was an understudy for 20 years for the renowned artist Salvador Dali and therefore some of his work reflects the eccentric nature of Dali's work.