Our Youngest Fan...

by Lulu Hamissou | May 12, 2013

Meet the next fashionista who is obsessed with loud vintage jewelry, stripes, hats, pop music..............and she is only six years old.


Meet Jasmine.

We gave Jasmine free reign over our vintage jewelry collection, and she chose a 1950 Studded Mesh Bracelet, 1970 Poison Ring, 1940 Poison Ring, and a 1972 Christian Dior necklace (in addition to a 1920 Women's Bow Tie Hat).  Jasmine was interviewed on her why she chose these and her views on fashion, and her answers were not only playful but amusing.

Q:  Why did you choose the Vintage 1972 Christian Dior Hunter Green Necklace?

J:  I think it is beautiful, big, and green.

Q:  Do you know who Christian Dior is?

J:  I think he was a jewelry person.

Q:  What do you think women in the 1940's wore?

J:  They all wore rings that open, dresses, and stripes.


Q:  Describe your style

J:  I like to wear cute dresses with stripe pants, and I like to wear pink shirts with blue bows and blue skirts, and lots of jewelry.  Also, I like high heels.  High heels.