About us

In 2012, Lulu Hamissou leveraged a decade of experience in fashion merchandising and e-commerce to create Grey Parachutes, a South Austin based online destination for discovering adventuresome, rare, and strangely beautiful vintage jewelry and vintage-inspired clothing with a modern twist.  Our team now consists of a small group of quirky and music obsessed buyers that continually challenge their buys artistically.

A find from Grey Parachutes might be similar to what's in your grandmother's closet; if your grandmother were flame-haired, British fashion demi-goddess Vivienne Westwood.

Grey Parachutes' bold, unconventional vintage jewelry and curated selection of eclectic emerging clothing labels, appeals to women's curiosity, wanderlust, and craving for a unique, signature style in a sea of sameness.  Discover the perfect pairing to accompany your next adventure.  Satisfy your sartorial wanderlust.




Surprising facts about our vintage jewelry

All of our pieces are surprisingly heavy and substantial.  While we love delicate items, and have a few of them on our site, we tend to buy hearty, bulky and solid pieces.  We buy slightly over-sized rings with large pendants, necklaces with long chains well over 30 inches, and bracelets that are bulky and have large statement gems or clasps.  These items represent the edge that we feel is unexplored in the vintage jewelry area and we are trying to bring light to that eclectic aesthetic.


More about our vintage jewelry

We choose pieces in near mint-condition that are innately creative, impactful, and work seamlessly with current trends.  Each piece is thoroughly examined by a certified gemologist to learn the stone, metal, signage, history, usage, and circa.  Even after the initial gemologist consultation, we try our best to further identify the piece and provide any interesting historical, cultural or symbolic insight about each item. 

Due to the rare and often-delicate nature of our pieces, all vintage sales are final.  Learn more on our FAQs page.