Vintage 1910 Filigree Hinged Clamper Chain Bracelet

Beautifully carved and engraved brass tone hinged antique clamper cuff is decorated by chunky filigree motif and decorative thin chain.

  • Unsigned
  • Fits 7 1/4" wrist, 1" width

History:   The Art Nouveau Period (c.1890-1915) was a period in jewelry where artists infused stylized flowers, vines, and leaves into their designs.  This period was an artistic revolt against everything that was popular and common during the 19th century.  The styles of this period were a rebellion against the rigid formulaic designs of the mid to late Victorian period.  There was specific focus given to craftsmanship and creativity since jewelers felt that the items produced prior were becoming too imitative.  Artists highlighted hand made pieces rather than machine made work, which lead to innovative jewelry not seen before.


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Type: Bracelet    
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