Vintage 1940 West Germany Filigree Ring

Beautiful marbled glass cabochon stone has royal and seafoam blue colors that swirl, similar to a Lapis stone, is housed on a scalloped edge setting on an adjustable twisted ring band.

  • Unsigned. West Germany.
  • Pendant (include setting) is 5/8” height, entire ring: 1 3/8” height.
  • Adjustable ring size

History: In 1949, after the defeat of Nazi Germany, Germany was split into East and West Germany, where it remain separated until 1990, when the walls monumentally fell in Berlin.   After the devastation of WWII, West Germany set to rebuild it's economy and by 1950 became the world's third largest economy, partly due to the increase of production and manufacturing of goods, such as costume jewelry.  West Germany became known for jewelry made of glass, hand painted enamel pieces, and florals.  Filigree metal and designs were also very popular. A popular stone of choice at that was lapis, and in fact many jewelers who did not have access to this expensive stone chose to use stones similar in color.


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Type: Ring    
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