Vintage 1950 Scallop Edge Faceted Double Chain Pendant Rare Unsigned Florenza Necklace

Beautiful scalloped edge pendant houses a ruby colored faceted rhinestone while tiered to a globular pendant with cream colored cabochons.  These pendants are attached to a removable double chain and fastened with a rope patterned flat panels.

  • Rare.  Unsigned Florenza
  • 22 1/4"inner chain length, 34 1/2" outer chain length, 3 3/4" pendant length, 1 1/8" pendant width
History: It’s highly unusual for a successful jewelry company to have items that were unsigned but, though rare to find, some identifiable unsigned Dan Kassoff pieces are those produced in the early 1950’s before the company started using the Florenza trademark.  Another reason that these items were unsigned was because Kassoff also manufactured pieces that were exclusive to a buyer in order to resell.  There are several ways to determine whether an unsigned piece is indeed Florenza.  First (and probably most distinguishable) is the texture of the metal is very consistent among Florenza pieces.   Next are the colors used, as most Florenza pieces fall into the same color aesthetic with the same colored stones used across styles.  Lastly, Florenza is notorious for using octagonal shaped rhinestones in colors: olive-green, turquoise-blue, and ruby.


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Type: Necklace    
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