Vintage 1950 Topaz Rhinestone Engraved Claw Ring

Large facetted amber rhinestone is housed on a unique claw-like prong setting that sits on an enclosed cutout and engraved band.

  • Unsigned
  • Size 6 1/2
  • Rhinestone pendant is 3/4" wide.  Entire ring: 1 3/8” height.

History: The 1950’s housed the most innovative and forward thinking jewelers. After World War II, jewelers who were on the battlefields and war industries, returned to the workshops as the demand for jewelry grew. Creativity flourished as bold, chunky styles grabbed the imagination of people. Plain gold or the combination of were used to make large and wide rings, bracelets, and dress clips. Engraving in jewelery dates back to the 1st Millennium B.C., and was done so in the 19th century shallow grooves. In the European Middle Ages goldsmiths used engraving to decorate and inscribe metalwork, in order to print impressions of their designs to record them. The first and greatest period of the engraving was from about 1470 to 1530.


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Type: Ring    
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