Vintage 1960 Aged Punk Brass Collar Necklace

1960 aged brass makes up this vintage bib collar necklace with grooved ribbing along the mid section of neck and scooped scalloped ridges on the base.

  • Unsigned
  • Fits 13 1/2" neck

History:  The 'peter pan' collar, or bib collar, first made a splash in fashion history in 1905 by the actress Maude Adams in her portrayal of Peter Pan.  The collar had been worn before but it wasn't until Adams wore the collar, that made the trend fashionable.  It later became the staple collar for little girls' dresses and by 1930-40, it became the standard collar in wedding dresses.


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Vintage 1960 Aged Brass Bib Collar Necklace


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Type: Bracelet    
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