Vintage 1960 Heavy Funerary Collar Necklace

Truly unique heavy collarette necklace is split into multiple flat panels that collectively give way to a fluid necklace that has movement.  Necklace panels have scalloped engraving to produce an overall foliage design. 

  • Unsigned
  • 7" length, fits 15" neck and smaller

History: Ancient Egyptians favored “broad collar” necklaces fashioned in a bib-like shate.  These were often referred to as heavy funerary collars were created from metal sheet and often chased with Egyptian motifs.  During the 1950’s and part of 1960, collared necklaces remained very popular.  Gold and other metal was woven into textile-like patterns and shorter necklaces often appeared with curving flowing lines to highlight femininity.


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Type: Necklace    
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