Vintage 1960 Marbled Turquoise Venetian Glass Ring

Turquoise colored Venetian Glass cabochon rests on textured gold tone wave setting.

  • Unsigned
  • 1 1/4" height
  • Size 6- 6 1/2

History: Venetian Glass, also known as Venetian Murano Glass, is thought to originate as early as the year 982, but was introduced to Venice, Italy around 1204 when Constantinople, the former capital of the Byzantine Empire, was taken over by the Fourth Crusade, causing the artisans to flee to Venice.  Because the importation of foreign glass was illegal, a mandate of the regulation of glass making was formed.  By 1291, the Venetian furnaces were moved to the island of Murano to prevent fire in the city of Venice.  By the sixteenth century, artisans further perfected their coloring and transparency techniques of Venetian Glass, introducing brightly colored painted enamel and other glass color applications.


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Type: Ring    
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