Vintage 1960 Peach Enamel Bug Pin

Lovely peach colored enamel highlights the body of this vintage pin while wings and legs are engraved with gold tone accents.

  • Unsigned
  • 1 1/2" length, 1" width

History: Insect jewelry can be traced back to as far back as the Georgian Period (c.1714-1830).  Jewelry at that time featured nature: flowers, insects, birds, and feathers.  Normally insect brooches almost always garnered cabochon stones and were relatively small in size.  The 1960's was a time period that collided many past jewelry eras, interpreting them into what was socially evolving at that time.  Taking the concept of insect or bug brooches, these pieces were made less formal and emulated techniques such as enameling.




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Type: Brooch    
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