Vintage 1960 Slide Clasp Engraved Medallion Jade Bead Necklace

Large engraved medallion pendant is attached to 5 jade bead coin tassels. Long necklace is decorated with unique slide clasp that can be adjusted.

  • Signed. Goldette
  • 30" chain length. Pendant 4" height, 2 1/2" width.  Slider 3/4" height, 1 1/2" width.

History: A Slide clasp is a type of open-frame clasp, through which a chain or ribbon can be passed; the front is often elaborate while the back has one or two vertical bars, similar to a buckle but without the central tongue; developed as a form of jewelry, used to fasten and - as it grew more ornate - to adorn bracelets, necklaces and belts, in the mid-18th century; in Britain.


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Type: Necklace    
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