Vintage 1970 Black Teardrop Stone Long Necklace

Heavy gold tone braided barrel links pair with teardrop shaped black stones.

  • Unsigned
  • 34 1/2" chain, 1" stone

History: It is well known that black jewelry and enameling was popularized during the Victorian Era (c.1835-1890).  In 1861, Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert died, spiraling her into a dark depression.  She stayed in seclusion for years and was rarely seen in public.  In fact, years after the Prince's death, his rooms in their residences were maintained exactly as he had them when he was alive. Her servants were instructed to bring hot water into his dressing room everyday as they had formerly done for his daily shave.  While it was customary for royal households to wear all black clothing for one year after a death, Queen Victoria mourned her husband's death for 40 years, the remaining years of her life.  Her grief drove her to wear only black clothing and jewelry, sparking a craze for morbid fashionable jewelry.  This gave way to a sensation in black enameling and black beads.


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