Vintage 1970 Brass Pencil Necklace

Unique aged vintage brass pencil pendant necklace functions as actual pencil, is paired with a long chain.

  • Unsigned. 
  • 27 1/2" chain, 3 1/4" pencil

History: Around 4000 BC, there was evidence that man used bone to scratch the surface of a clay tablet.  By 3000 BC Egyptians engineered the mastery of drawing pictures to tell stories.  It's hard to believe that it wasn't until the 1790's when the combination of powdered graphite mixed with clay, fired into rods using a kiln, was when the legendary writing utensil was chartered.  The black core of pencils is referred to as lead, even though it never contained the element lead.  Instead it is actually graphite, which was initially mistaken for lead, that is used in pencils.


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