Vintage 1970 Cobalt Cabochon Poison Ring

Cobalt blue cabochon centers gold tone studded setting that opens to a hidden compartment.

  • Unsigned
  • 2" height
  • Adjustable ring size

History: Poison rings were believed to be the invention of assassins and jealous spouses, intended only as a rather fashionable means of secreting poison into the drinks of their helpless victims.  Poison rings along with lockets and other vessel jewelry originated in India and the Far East. As the art of metalworking advanced, such jewelry was a natural replacement for the bags and pouches people had worn in ancient times to secure special and valuable objects. Also known as locket or box rings, examples of poison rings can be found throughout Asia, Russia, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. During the Renaissance, poison rings became popular among the European aristocracy. Like lockets they were given as love tokens and used to store images of loved ones, locks of hair and other cherished keepsakes.


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Type: Ring    
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