Vintage 1970 Gothic Chandelier Baroque Pendant Necklace

Gorgeous engraved large and small pendants hang from intricate inner and outer engraved gold tone chains.

  • Unsigned
  • 18" inner chain, 29" outer chain

History: 1970's jewelers pulled from many past eras integrating them into their current designs.  The Georgian Period (c.1714-1830) was an era in jewelry that eventually moved into the Gothic and Neoclassic Periods.  Metal work tended to be greater in proportion and jewelry was sculptural and weighty.  Although necklaces tended to be quite short during this period, the aesthetic resonated with the jewelers in the 70's.  One of the popular styles in necklace trends, during the Georgian Period, was called 'en esclavage' which are necklaces of several strands, each strand longer than the next creating a separation between the strands.  It wasn't until the 20's, where innovative designs flourished in addition to the introduction of Cubism, en esclavage necklaces were adorned with pendants creating a chandelier effect.  


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Type: Necklace    
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