Vintage 1970 Industrial Linked Bracelet with Engraved Medallion

Large engraved medallion is attached to gothic heavy industrial chained bracelet.

  • Unsigned
  • Fits 8 1/2" wrist, 1 1/2" pendant diameter

History: There was a certain swagger of anarchy and aggression that manifested in the construction and deconstruction of jewelry and clothing during the Punk Era of the 1970's.  Although nontraditional items were used as jewelry such as safety pins, razor blades, and spikes, the punk movement evolved becoming less severe and more mainstream.  Movements like Oi! and Emo were two genres that evolved in the latter part of the 1970's, and as a result, women's jewelry became heavier, chunky, and androgynous.  


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Vintage 1970 Industrial Linked Bracelet With Engraved Medallion


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    Type: Bracelet    
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