Vintage 1970 Jade Cabochon Mesh Choker

Genuine jade cabochon centers on gold tone mesh choker necklace.  Adjustable length choker.


  • Unsigned.
  • Chain adjusts to neck sizes: 10 1/2"-13 1/4"

History:  Jade is a stone dating back 9000 years in Chinese culture.  It is said to represent dignity, blessing, fortune and longevity.  Jade is also considered a guardian against illness and evil spirits and it is said that if the stone likes the wearer, it will grow a deeper, darker shade of green.  The choker, popularized between 1885-1901, was also referred to as dog-collars.  Chokers during the Edwardian Era were wide and snug fitting necklaces worn high around the neck versus at the base of the neck.  It usually featured diamonds, pearls, and intricate metal work.  Choker necklaces were inspired by thick black velvet ribbons studded with diamonds or pearls worn by the French, also known as collier de chien.  By the 1880's, the dog collar had crossed into England and was adopted by Queen Victoria.  Because she had a scar on her neck, she was self-conscious, and to conceive this, she wore wide velvet pearl chokers that sparked the trend throughout Europe.


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Type: Necklace    
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