Vintage 1970 Printed Decal Stick Pin, Scarf Holder

Dusty rose, blue, and yellow flowers, in addition to an abundance of rich green leaves, beautify this over-sized stick pin.  Can be worn as a scarf holder or decoratively on the collar of a blouse.

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  • 2 3/4"length, 1" pendant 

History:  Stick pins were first used during the late 1800's when wealthy Englishmen used these fasteners to secure their cravats, which is fabric adorned around the neck, similar to a scarf.  With the end of the century and the death of Queen Victoria (c.1901) and King Edward VII moving into power, there was a new sentiment felt by the public.  Queen Victoria, who grieved her husband's death, had popularized 'mourning' jewelry and clothing, all being black.  Because King Edward VII enjoyed sailing, chic clothing, and house parties, this new wave of life influenced the culture and thus began an era of flourishment and consumption.  Jewelry evolved following this new optimism and stick pins became smaller and more geometric.  They became more decorative, worn on collars and on hats.  By the end of the Edwardian Period, stick pins had become almost solely used by men.  Stick pins were again revived in the 1950's when there was more attention drawn to the formality in clothing, including in the use of scarves, and they remained popular through the 70's.





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Type: Brooch    
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