Vintage 1970 Spiked Stretch Bracelet

Stylish gold tone stretch bracelet is decorated by four spikes.

  • Fits around S-M wrist, 7 1/4"

History: The evolution of the 1970's lead to the Punk Era, which occurred during the latter part of the decade.  In Europe many of the punk styles were based on the designs of legendary designer Vivienne Westwood.  She famously made clothes for Malcom McLaren's boutique known as 'SEX'.  When McLaren became the manager of the Sex Pistols, it was Westwood's styles that dressed the band and defined an entire movement.  Studs, spikes, safety pins, and other androgynous items were highly associated with many of the fashion trends.


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Vintage 1970 Spiked Stretch Bracelet 


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Type: Bracelet    
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